New Annuity Product Guarantees 100% Return of Premium any time!

One of the common objections many people have to purchasing an annuity is the surrender period. While surrender periods vary between companies and products, in Minnesota, most of them are 10 year contracts.

Now, there is a product that allows a person to purchase an annuity and if they need their principle returned they can get 100% refund of principle at any time. The features on this product are no different from any other fixed or fixed indexed annuity in that it provides the following features:

(1) Protection of Principle. This means the deposit will never be lost.
(2) Lifetime income.
(3) Income rider accumulating at 8%
(4) Enhanced Death Benefit
(5) Increased income payouts based on years of deferral.

This removes one of the most common objections, without giving up any of the normal features in an income-producing product.

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