Frustration in the Field.

Normally I write about how Scheiber and Associates uses all of its tools to help people in whom we come in contact. My colleagues, Marilee and Chuck work behind the scenes to put together our workshops and make them work. My wife, Leanne provides advice and input that keeps the entire machine focused.


As the person who started this company, and outlined its goals for our clients, I have taken pride in the fact we offer only the best products available in the marketplace. All of us have taken pride in the fact that not one of our clients ever lost a dime, and has always found themselves better off than we found them.


The last few months have been extremely painful for all of us. While we strive to counsel attendees and respondents to our marketing about the need to protect oneself from a massive stock market correction, stockbrokers have been pushing these people into belief they will never lose any of their retirement funds because of some magic formula they offer against loss and risk.


Mostly, these stockbrokers are offering insurance products with massive fees and risk; as well as breaking mutual fund purchases in to several families to maximize commissions while doing nothing to avoid the underlying risks to the products they offer to retirees and soon to be retirees. It has made me sick to my stomach to see these people take unnecessary risks with the money they have worked so hard to accumulate.

Some contemporaries have told me to start selling these risky and expensive products. In consultation with my colleagues here, we have decided not to change the charter of this organization by saying tomorrow what we said today was not the best strategy to secure a retirement income and peace of mind.

I could give example after example of people who have left their nest eggs at the mercy of Wall Street and the paper-thin ‘guarantees’ found in their insurance cousins.


To say the least, I ask, didn’t anyone learn anything from 2001-2002? Didn’t they learn anything from 2007-2009? How much time and wealth was lost at a time when these people should have been protecting themselves against such occurrences?


These outcomes depress me. Here we work hard to give you only the best products with the most ironclad guarantees. We custom fit each plan to each client. And we have never lost a dime of our clients’ money.


Future installments on this blog will highlight both good client decisions and bad ones.


Stay tuned.