A Good Question

The lady on the phone was polite as she called to cancel her attendance at one of my social security seminars. She asked if I were doing more seminars in the area. I replied that no, this was the last one in her area for quite some time. I asked her if she and her husband wanted me to stop by and show them the presentation, and answer any questions they had. The answer I received was unexpected.

“We just want social security questions answered. Since you are an insurance agent, we really don’t want to talk to you”. I was taken aback. My reply was something like this:

“I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m not selling  anything. My job is to help people with their financial issues.”

“We just don’t want any insurance.”

After she hung up, I thought about the contents of that conversation. 

Her statement “we don’t want any insurance” hung in the air like the Goodyear Blimp. It hummed in my mind as a pejorative. I asked myself  ‘if I’m not selling “insurance”. then what am I selling?’ After a few minutes of thought, I concluded; in a roundabout way, she asked a really good question. I thought about an answer.  The answer is, I really don’t SELL anything. My job is a little more comprehensive than that. 

My job is to find out what risks people are taking (hence an insurance agent), address those risks, and remove as much uncertainty as I can about how their future plans. It is a job that makes plans work. True there is selling. The selling is piece is more akin to a homeowner making decisions necessary to complete a home or improvement project. I am the person who refines the blueprints, makes the material list, and has a warehouse full of materials and tools. 

It is up to the property owner to select select the tools, and approve the construction. The client owns the initiative and the capital. My job is to provide the secure environment for their plans and dreams. If that’s ‘insurance selling’ then I’m proud to do it.