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New Annuity Product Guarantees 100% Return of Premium any time!

One of the common objections many people have to purchasing an annuity is the surrender period. While surrender periods vary between companies and products, in Minnesota, most of them are 10 year contracts. Now, there is a product that allows a person to purchase an annuity and if they need their principle returned they can get 100% refund of principle at any time. The features... Read Article

A Discussion with a Divinity Major

I have an acquaintance who is a high level producer for several major insurance companies. He also has his B.A in Divinity from a large Lutheran university. When he received my December Newsletter he was concerned about the reference to the Gospel of Matthew in the ‘View from the Field’ part of the publication. He stated he could never publish anything like the because so... Read Article

December 2013 Newsletter

DECEMBER 2013 NEWSLETTER... Read Article

Something to Think About

SwingTradeOnline Logo JACK’S WRAP, Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Sellers Still Not Here At 41.3%… ————————————————– The bull-bear spread is 41.3%. The bears are down below 15%. Ugly to see them at 14.4%. We haven’t seen that level in decades. Makes you say what the heck am I doing, but the market still hasn’t had the reversal we normally see that gets the deeper selling under... Read Article

A Late Night Meeting – The Conclusion

At that point I has a delicate fence to walk. How to describe to these potential clients that their advisor/friend wasn’t really taking care of them, without seeming to be too critical of their advisor/friend? I noticed the husband and two 401ks from previous jobs that were still with his old employers. I also noticed that even though they were both on 2nd marriages they... Read Article